Christopher Gentile RRO

Years of experience: 28 

Expertise: Building Roof Management Roof Field Specialist, Site Management

Andy Tjemeland

Years of experience: 47

Expertise: Roof Field Specialist & Roof Design

Our Staff

Our Vision

About Us:

In 2001 GRC Building Roof Management  was started based upon over 70 years of experience and  three generations in the roofing industry. It was apparent  that not very many companies had the over all hands on and practical roofing experience that we have in construction roof management, consulting, roofing, roof maintenance, repairs(S.R.M.)and roof site management. It was also clear that most roof consulting firms would only do roof surveys and not remedy the potential leaks at the time of the roof survey or assessment. This lead to the creation of GRC Building Roof Management focused on industry knowledge from the past and present to provide our clients savings in which lead to customers complete satisfaction and trust. In these efforts, we led the industry by providing cutting edge early leak detection and online interactive Building Roof Management System a transparent process with real time on site and frequent communication and the use of photographs to document repairs maintenance and installation processes using GPS cameras that give customers the ability to know what is going on and where on the project. Our Roof Survey Technicians, Roof Site Management Programs and Roof Technicians give customers the ability to know that there roof is being taken care of and maintained on a annual basis.

The Future of Building Roof Management

Now, 14 years after the formation of the company our commitment to our customers has resulted in a dynamic company. Our success has been based on the relationships we have built by doing whatever it takes to meet our clients need in an industry where 65% of all construction-related lawsuits involve roofs. Our vision of saving our clients on design fees, roof observation, site management and their Bottom-Line is our Future.

We strive to help Building Owners, Property Management Companies, Municipalities, Hospitals, Corporations and Condo Associations develop a solid Building Roof Management and Maintenance and Repair Programs. We will work to improve budgets, service life, leak response, repairs and most of all your bottom line. Find out how we can help you and your bottom line today!

Why Hire Us

With over 111 years of combined experience in the roofing industry we have the knowledge and actual roofing experience your looking for.              

 "Our Top Priority Making Roofs Last Longer"

Finding Talent

Finding and hiring in the Roofing Industry can be exhausting. We have developed a hiring and training process that can't be matched .       

Jeff Mitchell RRC

Years of experience: 41

Expertise: Roof Design and Technical Services

Caroline Beek

Years of experience: 5

Expertise: Office Manager

Our Goal

Our goal is to MAKE YOUR ROOF LAST LONGER and extend your roofs service life and save our clients money.