"Our Top Priority Making Roofs Last Longe​r"

 When it comes to Building Roof Management, GRC is the intelligent choice. We offers a full line of  project management services including

SRM Program: Site Roof Management :  Leak response and roof maintenance, roof project management, construction management, roof surveys   tailored to our client’s specific needs.  

We also provide a cost savings on Engineer, Architects, Consultants and  Roof  Design Fees.  

A roof system is a major investment, it is estimated that nearly 65% of building construction lawsuits relate, one way or another to the roof.

Our Experience: 

Leak R​esponse

SRM: Site Roof Management             We will respond to leaks and necessary repairs to the roof to prevent leaks into the building within 24 hours of notification. A permanent repair shall be completed in accordance to manufacturers specification and that of NRCA. 

We want to help maximize your roofs Service Life and save you ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE (Money)​. Schedule a consultation appointment with us and see how we have done this for our present and past clients. 

Building Roof Management


  • Meadowbrook Urgent Care Facilities
  • M&L Properties
  • Modified Roof Systems
  • Built Up Roof Systems
  • Roof Coating and Restoration Systems
  • Single Ply Roof Systems

Our Top Priority: "To Protect Your Bottom Line ​and Making Roofs Last Longer"

  • Rivercrest Condo Association

  • HMS Products 

  • Metal Roof Systems  
  • Building Exteriors


  • P.A.C. Pontiac Air Center
  • Oakland County Airport
  • West Elm Properties Distribution Centers 
  • Liberty Casting Products
  • Slate, Tile, Asphalt Shingles
  • Synthetic Roofing Systems