RAMP Roof Assessment & Management Program

  • ROOFGUARD QUALITY ASSURANCE Site Management Services. 
    Our Quality Assurance and Site Management services include the following:
    Reviewing and making recommendations of bids
    Conducting the pre-construction conference reviewing and evaluating change orders
    Reviewing and approving contract invoices observing and evaluating in-progress work
    Conducting final inspections
    Preparing punch lists Participating in meetings

    RAMP Roof Assessment & Management Program is an affordable roof assessment and roof management program. This program is designed to maximize the life cycle (service life) of your roofing system. Most manufacturers recommend annual inspection and maintenance as a minimum but prefer bi-annual inspections. This is usually required to keep manufacturers warranties in effect, and most warranties will be voided without proper maintenance and records. We will respond to leaks within 24 hours of notification. We will make necessary repairs to the roof to prevent leaks into the building. A permanent repair shall be completed in accordance to manufacturers specification and that of NRCA within 10 days by a certified roofing contractor if the roof system is still under manufacturers warranty.
    Why Is Preventative Maintenance Important?
    Double the service life of your roof system
    Keep your roof warranty intact
    Reduce leak frequency and severity
    Prevent trapped moisture and mold growth
    Defer capital expenses and proactively budget
    Avoid costly production/operation delays
    Receive priority leak response
    Notification of any unknown alterations that may cause future damage

    How RAMP Works
    Contact us to discuss your current needs which may vary based on the life and condition of your existing roof. We'll schedule our first visit and make arrangements with facilities as necessary. We'll perform a comprehensive inspection to establish a foundation and record of information for all future visits relative to roof system type and other requirements. Subsequent visits continue on either semi-annual or annual basis performing inspections, preventative maintenance repairs and detailed reporting.

    What Does RAMP Cover ?   
    Prevents major interior damage due to roof wear and unknown roof damage
    Eliminates surprise financial obligations
    Comprehensive inspections Annually or Semi Annually
    Annual visual status through Photographic documentation 
    Repair/replacement budgets to Allow Time for Budgeting
    Complete roof maintenance Program
    Drainage cleaning and Debri Removal
    Flashing and membrane repair
    Maintaining watertight integrity of the roof and keeps the Manufacturers Warranty In compliance
    Priority Leak Response
    Wind and Hail damage Inspection 

    Professional Service / Peace of Mind
    ​As a building manager, it's your responsibility to ensure a healthy, safe and productive working environment in your facility. One of the largest investments and potential liabilities in your facility is the roofing system, and a viable inspection and maintenance plan is essential to successful roof management. The potential liability and loss of operational time inside your building from roof leaks, accelerated deterioration of the roof system due to trapped moisture in the roof assembly can quickly blow your budget and increase ownership costs.

"Our Top Priority Making Roofs Last Longer"

        Building Roof Management 

                       Construction Roof Management                           Making Your Existing Roof Last Longer

The First Process: With our Building Roof Management Program is an interview process with the client to see if and where we can help the client with saving them money on there roof(s). GRC is not always the right fit for some clients because are approach is unlike any other company you may have used in the past or are doing business with now.

The Second Process is: The Roof Survey and Maintenance Inspection is the second part of the interview and is an affordable program designed to prolong and maximize the service life of your existing roof.  Our easy to read and well documented illustrated reports will give any building owner and property managers the ability to clearly understand roof conditions and proactively budget for repairs and long term replacement. The Building Roof Management program is offered either annually or semi-annually