" Making Your Roof Last Longer Protects Your Bottom Line"

"Our Top Priority Making Roofs Last Longer" 

      SRM Program: Site Roof Maintenance


Who will be Performing the Roof Maintenance                                                                                                   Roof Technician Ito V:

  • Minimum of 5+ years of experience on a roofing crew or a roof maintenance crew
  • Familiar with all types of roof systems TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modified, BUR and Shingles as well as manufactures details
  • A pre employment background check and drug screens are performed on all Roof Technicians
  • A company Identification card 
  • ​Follows the OSHA regulations and has a OSHA 10-Hour certification


Why Perform Roof Maintenance 

  • Double the life of your roof system
  • Keep your roof warranty intact
  • ​Reduce leak frequency and severity
  • Defer capital expenses and proactively budget
  • Notification of any unknown alterations by trades, existing or new building tenants that may cause future roof damage 
  • ​Avoid costly production / operation delays
  • Perform a Comprehensive Inspection to establish a foundation and record of information for all roof system types and other requirements for future visits
  • Save on roof consultant fees for design and specifications


What does Roof Maintenance Cover

  • Comprehensive Inspections Annually or Semi Annually
  • Annual status through photographic documentation
  • Roof Housekeeping: Debri Removal, Cleaning around Roof Drains, Gutters, Cleaning and Power Washing White roof Membranes
  • S.R.M. Flashing and membrane repairs